Monday, July 25, 2011


Hi again! Who is in the picture? Rose is in the picture! She is a pygmy puff. She likes to puff to different places. Do you know were to get a pygmy puff? At Harry Potter World, that's were! Harry Potter World is in Florida, so,  pygmy puffs are in Florida too. You can name your pygmy puff. Pygmy puffs are hot or warm, but never, ever, EVER cold. There good for the winter. Pygmy puffs are known to sing on Boxing Day. Cool, huh? Well, if I were you, I would say " That's awesome! I'm definitely going to get a pygmy puff at Harry Potter World. But if your going to go to Florida, do not go in hurricane season. In hurricane season, there might be 1 hurricane a week, or more. Probably most hurricanes are more than 1 day. The hurricanes in hurricane season might be more than 1 week. So, be careful. Blockette ( That's me!) says "Good-by!" : )!       

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