Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stuff Quick

Yo yo yo! I'm back! I have more awesome things to tell you!

My dad's cousin gave me a bunch of Pokemon! Now I have over 200 Pokemon (not including energy and trainers)! My dad is trying to get me more! I have 1 huge binder, 1 small binder, 2 tins full of extras, and a tin of random ones (who knows why). If  you like Pokemon, I'm you're girl.

I LOVE SQUIRRELS! They are the best! They are so cute! Especially the chubby ones. So cute.

Okay, that was the super quick "Stuff Quick" update. Bye!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I'm Back!!!!!

Hi again! I'm back, which means way more fun. I'm nine now, and I LOVE Pokemon. My most powerful one is Blastoise. He has 140 HP. I also have 2 Eevees, a Flareon, a Dark Jolteon, a Jolteon, a Glaceon, and an Espeon (I love the Eeveelutions).

Last summer, my cat Basil died. It was very sad. But was still have one cat... It's Boo!! The Halloween Shadow ( by the way, The Halloween of 2014 was very, very cold). Boo likes to sleep in my bed in the winter. In fact, he's in there right now! He's a cutey-pututey.

Right now, I'm reading books by Ken Jennings. He's a Jeopardy champion and rights about non-fiction stuff with putting humor in. He's a really good author.

Well, that's all the updates I have for you guys. Write to ya next time! :)