Monday, June 29, 2015

Dragon House 2.0

Hello! This is a special post about my dragon house. There is a story to go with it:

Once upon a time there was a very small 2-story dragon house. The living quarters were very small. One day, some parents decided to put up the fairy painting. The mom put an ottoman on the house and it crashed down. Then the little girl who built decided to give it new inhabitants and  to upgrade it. It looked even better! The girl built it on a cliff (a ledge) so it would never get stepped on again.

In the story, the little girl is me! This is the dragon house. I don't remember how many people live there, but there are quite a few.

This is where the servants sleep, the food is stored, and where the owner takes a bath. This is also where Galadriel (the owner) keeps her horse and outfits. You can see to the lower left-hand corner that the mustard got cut off. Poor mustard!

This next picture is where Galadriel lives and sleeps. I built a rainbow television set! I also built a little spot for the pets that go into her house. By that, she keeps her books and eats her dinner. The plate on the floor next to the dinner table is for the pets, too.

This is my Mixel room. His name is Murp. The girl in front of him is Sandy, his caretaker. The sheep by the left-hand side is Missy. She likes to eat gummybears.  

This is my dragon. His name is Doodlebug. He is a Lego Nature Dog Dragon. He barks like a dog. Arf, Arf!

The dragon house 1.0 was small. It was a bit taller and took up more space compared to my snake house. Sadly, the snake house got destroyed a long time ago.

Thanks for reading this post!


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