Thursday, July 5, 2012


     Maria was a tiny and shy little girl. She did not want a job. But in this story Maria gets a job as a mutant.

    At P.E. they were having a skipping contest. Maria's team was winning! Her team was the 'molecules'! It was Maria's turn next! When she was half  finished wings unfolded from her back. Maria flapped her wings.Then she toke off and she flew to the finish line. I said " Great job! I wish I could do that! But I can do something like that. Meet me at your house today! I'll use my super mutant power to get there!  (;". Maria just nodded. Just then, the teacher blew her whistle and yelled " Lunch time! We've had enough P.E!"

   At lunch recess everyone was making fun of Maria and I. We told a teacher and then they stopped. We had had a rough day so far.

    At Maria's house I told Maria about my speedy fast, extra cool mutant power. Now I always win tag. When we were in the middle of our discussion, Maria's younger brother, Brian, interrupted them  and said "What are you guys doing?"  And we said, "None of your business."  He is so rude, that Brian.

***To be continued***

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  1. From Blockette,
    There might be a second part, I don't know.